acupunctureAcupuncture treatments have been shown through research to dramatically reduce the symptoms of alcohol and drug withdrawal.

As early as in 1989, the Lancet, a British journal, called acupuncture successful in working with patients with alcoholism, stating that patients who were not exposed to acupuncture experienced a relapse rate nearly twice that of patients who underwent the practice.

Lasting recovery uses the Group Auricular (Ear) Detox Acupuncture, named thenada NADA Protocol.  This protocol is designed to address multiple levels of addiction. We have included this protocol with our program for the past several years and clients report is a significant step in becoming comfortable and relaxed.

Benefits reported by our clients include:
  • A decrease in anxiety and tension
  • Reduced symptoms of physical withdrawal and pain
  • Progress in ability to focus  and  mental clarity
  • A new sense of calmness and peace
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduction in physical and emotional cravings

Program:  IOP-Evening