Giving Up Weed to Succeed

Retired NBA star Stephen Jackson has an interesting story to tell about marijuana. Early in his career, while playing a summer league game, he was approached by coach Gregg Popovich, the now-legendary coach of the San Antonio Spurs.

This isn’t just “any” coach – in 21 seasons, Popovich’s teams have won 5 NBA championships and have finished either 1st  or 2nd in their division 19 times.

“Pop” told Jackson, “… you’re playing well, I really want you on my team, but there’s only one way you’re going to make my team: During the season, you can’t smoke weed, Jack. You just can’t do it. I need you focused. I need you on your game, because you know we have a chance to win a championship, and I need you focused.”

Was This “Little Talk” REALLY Necessary?

Jackson himself openly admits to smoking marijuana before games, and sometimes, its negative effects were obvious, even to him. In a recent interview, he said that sometimes, he would enter a game and be back “on the bench in three minutes” trying to calm himself down from the high.

Jackson says, “And once he told me that, I shut it down. I shut it down. The NBA was way more important than weed. Trust me.

Did Giving up Marijuana REALLY Make a Difference?

The results seem to speak for themselves.

After playing to 2 seasons with the Spurs, Jackson moved on, eventually playing for 8 teams in 14 years. Not every coach cared if he smoked marijuana during the season.

The only time he was a member of a NBA championship team was during his initial spent with the San Antonio Spurs – when he wasn’t smoking marijuana.

Obviously, being part of a championship team is a result of many factors. But it DOES speak volumes about creating a culture – or a life – of enduring success.

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