Marijuana Use May Cause Impotence

…research has found that the prevalence of erectile dysfunction is three times as high for daily marijuana smokers compared to those who don’t use it at all.”

~Dr. Justin Lehmiller, PhD, Assistant Professor of Social Psychology and the Director of the Social Psychology Graduate Program in the Department of Counseling Psychology at Ball State University

Marijuana is often praised for supposedly enhancing sexual activity. However, recent research suggests otherwise. According to researchers, heavy marijuana use may cause erectile dysfunction.

Already known – marijuana can affect certain receptors within the brain. Recent research suggests the penis also contains those same receptors. High doses of marijuana may inhibit those receptors. This explains why pot smokers have higher rates of ED.

Lehmiller also addresses the “improved stamina on marijuana” myth. He says such perceptions may be false – due to impairment. In reality, the time spent having sex has not increased.

Dr. Rany Shamloul previously researched marijuana use and sexual health. He found that male sexual performance may be negatively impacted. Marijuana makes it more difficult to achieve/maintain erections:

“These findings will change the current understanding of the magnitude of the impact of cannabis use on sexual health.”

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