Mental  Health Treatment

Mental  Health Treatment

Lasting Recovery has been treating mental health issues alongside addictions since we opened in 2004.  Upon admission only 23 % of our clients suffer from addictions only. A full 77% have been struggling with mood and anxiety disorders and 27% with other mental health problems.

An untreated mental health diagnosis and related problems contributes to substance use relapse, which in turn often leads to severe relationship issues, divorce, violence, loss of employment, incarceration or death.

People experiencing co-occurring health problems such as chronic pain from fibromyalgia, diabetes, lower back pain and cirrhosis suffer from depression as a side effect of their ongoing medical condition.

Treatment for addiction and these co-occurring disorders leads to improved physical health, increased enjoyment and an overall healthier lifestyle.

Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP’s) provide two options:

CBT Intensive Outpatient Program       DBT Intensive Outpatient Program


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