20 Reasons for Seeking Substance Abuse Treatment

20 Reasons People Give for Seeking Substance Abuse Treatment at Lasting Recovery…..

  1. “After 5 years of my spouse telling me my substance use was a problem, he/she told me that if I didn’t get help, he/she was leaving. This time I knew it was not just a threat, so I called you.”

(Most people have been told from 3-7 years, by their spouse, that their substance use is a problem.)

  1. “My boss told me other employees reported alcohol on my breath and I was acting different, and thought I needed help for a substance use problem. My boss sent me to the EAP and they referred me here. I realize I need help, I can’t stop on my own.”
  1. “I just received my 2nd DUI, my blood alcohol level was .28 and now I get it, I am an alcoholic.”
  1. “On Sunday, my 5 year old son who had been ignoring me, told me that he didn’t like it when I drank, that I was ‘different’. I was sober on Monday and told him I was going to get help,…he asked if I would be able to play ball with him.”
  1. “My therapist referred me here after saying I needed to do treatment for my alcohol and marijuana use. I lied to her for the past 6 months because I couldn’t stop on my own.”
  1. “I just got out of detox for a seizure from going off Xanax too quickly. The hospital referred me to you. This is where I need to be!”
  1. “I was in jail this morning because I was arrested for being drunk in public. I need help.”
  1. “I overdosed on opiates. I don’t want to die.”
  1. “I woke up yesterday to the worst hangover and realized how bad I felt and decided to seek help before I continue to rationalize that ‘it’s not that bad’.”
  1. “I have been to detox 3 times in the past and the hospital tried to refer me to an outpatient program. I just got out of detox again, my 4th time, and was told I have elevated liver enzymes, a precursor to cirrhosis, and very high blood pressure. I need help, I can’t do it on my own!”
  1. “I had an ah-ha moment when I realized how crazy it was to hide bottles of vodka in the bushes, down our long driveway. When I went to get in my car for work, I reached into the bushes to grab my bottle to make my shaking and cravings go away, I panicked because I couldn’t find it. The gardener or my wife must have found it. I realized at that moment the insanity of my addiction.
  1. “I need help for my alcoholism. I am a meat cutter and the early morning tremors are getting so bad that I could easily cut off my fingers.”
  1. “I work for myself at home and started cutting my day short so I could start drinking alcohol and smoking pot at 3pm. My business lagged, money became tight and my spouse, who is pregnant with our 3rd child, confronted me with her worries. For some reason, rather than ignoring her as whining and complaining, I listened and she told me she was going to take the children and stay with her parents in another county until she could figure out what to do. I realize I have a problem with alcohol and cannabis and want help.”
  1. “I tried a community recovery program for 3 months and had a sponsor but kept relapsing and feeling like a failure. I need continuous support & education to stay sober.”
  1. “I have been lying to my husband about my cocaine use. He wondered where all the grocery money was going. He came home early last week and found me getting ready to use. He told me to get help or he is leaving. I’ve used most of our savings on my addiction. I need to be sober to tell him.”
  1. “I drove under the influence of alcohol with my kids in the car. I swore I would stop if I ever did that. I now know I need help to stop drinking.”
  1. “I am a nurse and have been taking pills from my patients. I know it is wrong but I can’t stop. I lie to my family about my mood changes. I need help before I get caught by the hospital and lose my license.”
  1. “My family took me to the ER over the weekend because I was suicidal. Once I came down from my drugs, I knew I didn’t want to die, it was that the drugs wanted me dead. I need help!”
  1. “I am 22 and was diagnosed with major depression when I was 14, and am on antidepressants. I told my psychiatrist the medications weren’t working. He asked me about my substance use and when I told him I ‘just smoke pot’ he questioned me further. I let him know I also, ‘only on occasion’, took Xanax and opiate pain meds. He said this was a problem and I may need to get some help. I hadn’t been totally honest with him. I think I need help. One of my friends that I started using with OD’d last month.”
  1. “I’m married and want kids. I am employed, not sleeping, I drink too much and my wife said my drinking is a problem. I saw my friend have a seizure from withdrawing and I don’t want that for my life. I need help.”

If you can relate to any of the above, perhaps it is time for you to call Lasting Recovery for help.  We’re here for you and your family.

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