50 Amazing Benefits of Sobriety

50 Amazing Benefits of Sobriety

Regaining your sobriety after active drug addiction or alcoholism allows you to enjoy blessings that you may have forgotten were even possible. Some benefits  will immediately become apparent, and others will develop over time. But one thing is for sure, when you embrace your recovery, your life does get better in so many wonderful ways.

Mental Benefits

  1. Reduced anxiety
  2. Improved memory
  3. Restored ability to concentrate
  4. Emotional stability
  5. Less new trauma
  6. Better management of bipolar disorder
  7. Reduced risk of dementia
  8. Improved self-esteem
  9. You get rid of toxic shame and guilt

Health Benefits

  1. Lower blood pressure
  2. Improved heart health
  3. Smaller cancer risk
  4. Restored liver function
  5. Better cholesterol levels
  6. Reduced risk of diabetes
  7. An end to vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  8. Younger appearance
  9. Improved sexual function
  10. Healthier body weight
  11. Better sleep health
  12. Reversal of brain shrinkage

Social and Relationship Benefits

  1. Fewer arguments
  2. Lowered likelihood of separation or divorce
  3. Decreased risk of domestic violence or child abuse
  4. Opportunity to make amends and repair relationships
  5. You make better friends
  6. You find new ways to have fun
  7. Improved sexual function
  8. Renewed interest in hobbies and previously-enjoyed activities
  9. Restored trust
  10. Improved communication
  11. Mutual support instead of codependency

Safety Benefits

  1. Fewer accidents and injuries
  2. No drunk driving
  3. Unlikely to engage in criminal behaviors
  4. Less likely to be a victim of violence
  5. Smaller risk of sexual assault
  6. No risk of overdose
  7. Better judgement
  8. Improved impulse control
  9. No needle-sharing
  10. Safer sex

Financial Benefits

  1. The expense of ongoing addiction is eliminated
  2. No more lawyer’s fees or fines
  3. No property damage
  4. More likely to stay in school and find and keep a job
  5. Better educational and job performance
  6. More career opportunities
  7. No drunk shopping
  8. Lower health and life insurance rates

What Does This Mean to YOU?

No matter what your other motivations are, YOU are always your best reason to stop abusing alcohol and using illicit drugs. When you look at this list of all the things sobriety and recovery can do for you, it just might help you make a positive decision for your future.

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