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Lasting Recovery Outpatient Addiction Program in San Diego

About Lasting Recovery Outpatient  Programs

Road To Recovery

Lasting Recovery is the program for you if…

  • You desire to live a life free of alcohol and/or drugs.
  • You do not require the supervision of residential care.
  • Your addiction has affected your family and your life.
  • You want to develop a positive recovery identity.
  • You are seeking treatment that still allows you to work and/or attend school.
  • You have suffered a relapse and need to develop a support system to stay on track.
  • You require a continuum of care after transferring from an inpatient facility.
  • You are currently in sober living and require more structure in your recovery process.
  • You are looking for affordable treatment.

Our outpatient programs provide group and individual counseling sessions which are based on the individual needs of each client. The program length is customized to every individual and our aftercare groups meet weekly for up to a year following treatment.

“The small groups and a dedicated and consistent staff make it easy to get comfortable,

allowing clients to get to work on their recovery.” M.L.

Where to Find Us

We are conveniently located at 6046 Cornerstone Ct. W, in San Diego—just four lights east of the 805 and Mira Mesa Blvd (with plenty of parking).


Lasting Recovery is here for you.

Through our safe and accepting environment clients let go of the shame and guilt associated with misusing substances, having a relapse, or being unable to maintain sobriety.


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Lasting Recovery offers a variety of services that can be tailored to your individual needs. An initial consultation helps to establish concrete goals that will assist you in recovering your optimum health.


The first step in getting help involves a free comprehensive assessment of your current needs and the level of care required to meet them. Together we can determine the appropriate outpatient program and the type of treatment necessary for your recovery.

The professional assessment by clinical staff includes:

  • Recent use, history of withdrawals, and the current need for detox.
  • The past history of drug and alcohol use.
  • Prior substance abuse and mental health treatment.
  • Lifestyle issues.
  • Family and social relationships.
  • Physical health and any current diagnosed conditions.
  • Vocational and educational status.

Upon completion of this initial assessment, a comprehensive and individualized plan is developed that allows for a flexible and holistic treatment plan that best meets your needs.


Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Our IOP Program, providing morning and evening treatment groups is designed to meet your recovery needs in addition to your work and/or family responsibilities. Our counseling staff (link) examines the challenges you face to create a life worth living and design a treatment plan that works best for you.

“Flexing to my work/travel schedule was the only way I could have done L.R.” anon

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) Day Treatment Programs

If you have an immediate need for a safe environment with medical and psychiatric services, our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) (Day Treatment Programs) may be the best option. Designed for those with more severe chemical dependencies and/or mental health issues, the morning portion addresses treatment for Substance Use Disorders.

The afternoon track of the PHP delves into the treatment of the behavioral issues associated with your recovery—such as anxiety, PTSD, ADHD and depression.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Group Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Group The Chronic Pain/Addiction Group

Treatment Planning and Goals

In order to set a goal, one must understand the steps needed to achieve it. Research has continuously demonstrated that a lasting recovery from chemical dependency is achieved through self-education. Education that is based on concrete evidence creates the basis for a solid treatment plan at our facility.

The integration of holistic practices inspires the foundation of a caring and supportive therapy in a stable and structured environment. The longer one stays free of chemicals the better the chances of stopping the destructive cycle of dependence and addiction.

Lasting Recovery Treatment Goals Include:

  • Interrupting the self-destructive pattern of alcohol and drug dependency
  • Assess to correct the harm to health and emotional well-being
  • Help clients and where appropriate, family members, understand chemical dependency and relapse
  • Help clients improve their relationship and communications skills.
  • Introduce clients and where appropriate, their families, to 12 step programs or other community recovery support as a key to maintaining a sober lifestyle.
  • At Lasting Recovery we help you who are ready to live a life free of alcohol and drugs reclaim your health, mend your relationships, rebuild self-esteem, and develop effective relapse prevention skills.

    Substance Abuse Education

    We offer a comprehensive educational program that provides a forum to process a variety of recovery issues. Our format includes the use of lecture, group discussions, and take-home assignments to help you stay motivated and prevent relapse.

    The Education and Group sessions will allow you to comprehend the full effect substance abuse has had on your life; while discovering the causes and consequences of chemical dependency. Through an educational approach, we help you identify the personal situations and triggers that previously led to unhealthy life choices.

    “Education with Jeff was very helpful to get me to understand my addiction. R.D. “

    Holistic Health At Lasting Recovery we strongly believe it is critical to address the mind, body, and spirit as a means to heal the whole self. That is why with each program we offer a variety of holistic activities such as: We invite you to take some time to explore.