California Highway Patrol Launches Zero Tolerance Anti-DUI Campaign

“The CHP has lost one officer, another is in the hospital with two broken legs, and two others have been sent to the hospital, all because some drivers chose to be irresponsible.”

~ Chief Ernie Sanchez, CHP Golden Gate Division

In response to the increasing frequency of officers being struck by vehicles –five within the last month -the California Highway Patrol is out in force for an aggressive new anti-DUI campaign called “Enough is Enough”. During the push to catch impaired drivers, even Division Chiefs and other command staff will be out on patrol.

Impaired Driving in California

I think our biggest concern as we look at the statistics on other states that have legalized recreational marijuana, it seems like there’s a sharp increase in DUI-related traffic collisions and fatalities.  We’re concerned because obviously, we don’t want to see California follow that strong trend.”

~ John Fransen, CHP officer

To fully grasp the very real problem of impaired driving in California, one only has to look at this past holiday season:

  • Thanksgiving weekend 2017—CHP arrested 1057 drivers for suspicion of Driving Under the Influence.
  • In 2016, that number was “only” 902an increase of more than 17%.
  • Christmas weekend 2017—CHP arrested 917 suspected impaired drivers.
  • In 2016, there were “only” 621 arrests—an increase of almost 48%.
  • New Year’s weekend 2017—CHP made 936 DUI arrests.
  • In 2016, there were “only” 767 such arrests—a 22%

Of special relevance, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that between 2005 and 2015, the proportion of fatal crashes where the drivers were impaired by a substance other than alcohol jumped from about 26% to nearly 43%,

What Does This Mean to YOU?

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