Chronic Pain Management Outpatient Program

Learn to live without debilitating pain and dependence on opiates for pain management. Experience how alternative therapies will often lessen your experience of pain, and the need for addictive medications or other more invasive procedures.

“I learned how to mentally and physically stay in my pain free zone, free of opiate pain medications and benzodiazepines, many years ago. Whenever I experience even a twinge of pain, I access skills, not pills, to again become pain free. We want the same for you.”

Judy Saalinger Ph.D., LMFT, CAS
Lasting Recovery Co-Founder

Lasting Recovery’s Chronic Pain Management Program is for people who want to successfully manage their chronic pain without use of opioid medications.

Do I Need Chronic Pain Management Treatment?

  • Have you experienced recovery in the past from alcohol or other substances, and are now dependent on pain medications?
  • Are you taking more pain medications and yet they are not reducing your pain?
  • Are you tired of waking up every day to pain and fear it will never go away?
  • Are you angry because you can’t do the physical activities you used to enjoy doing?
  • Do you feel isolated from friends, co-workers and family?
  • Are you physically dependent on your pain medications and fear being without them?

If you are ready for a new beginning, let us guide you. Our program will supervise and assist you in the process of discontinuing opioid medication while helping you develop skills to manage pain, reduce suffering, and build a life worth having.

How we can help:

  • Optimization of pain control
  • Development of relapse prevention skills such as pacing, assertive communication, meditation and relaxation
  • Improvement in depression, anxiety and anger and symptoms of PTSD/pain connection
  • Education to improve your ability to take time out, share and ask for help when stressed
  • Reduction in cognitive distortions, increasing function and reducing pain
  • Treatment of prescription drug dependency issues
  • Involvement of family and friends in learning pain management techniques

The program offers the following services:

  • Medically assisted detoxification from opioids and other addictive medications.
  • Psychiatric assessment and medication management of chronic pain & co-occurring disorders as needed.
  • Coordination with your primary care physician who manages the medical aspects of your chronic pain program.
  • Education on the causes and control of chronic pain.
  • Advice on non-addictive medications to manage pain.
  • Mindfulness training to improve the ability to shift the focus off of pain sensations to things that make life worth living and to reduce stress, which contributes to suffering.
  • Yoga for chronic pain.
  • Teaching about patterns of negative thinking about the self, other people, and the world as well as about chronic pain. Biased patterns of thought make pain sensations harder to manage and endure. Learning more constructive ways of thinking makes pain easier to manage and assists in the behavioral changes necessary to build a meaningful life.
  • Negative emotions such as anger, anxiety and sadness also make pain sensation harder to manage and endure. Learning skills to reduce the frequency, duration and intensity of negative emotions also make pain easier to manage and endure.
  • Teaching on specific skills to manage pain such as progressive muscle relaxation, time-based pacing of activities and tools to use when experiencing a pain flare-up.
  • Weekly family group to help families cope more effectively in living with a person with chronic pain.

Admissions Criteria

The patient must be

  • 18 years or older and motivated to participate in an integrated
    bio-psycho-social-spiritual treatment program
  • Have a Primary chronic pain diagnosis and/or with coexisting mental health and/or substance use disorder
  • Ambulatory and capable of getting around independently in an outpatient setting
  • Agreeable to participate in the family program with family and/or friends

Lasting Recovery

  • Will coordinate with your primary care physician & medical team to manage the medical aspects of your chronic pain program.
  • Medical Director will supervise detox and MAT (if appropriate) and other prescribed pain management medications
  • Provide a Chronic Pain Management Program that includes Mindfulness Meditation, Education and CBT for Chronic Pain, Relapse prevention and Flare Up Planning, Assertive Communication, DBT skills, Yoga, Poetry workshop, individual and family therapy, Medical/Psychiatric support.

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