Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Group Treatment

Learn how to change your behaviors, emotions and thoughts that are linked to problems in living.

Do I Need CBT?

Are you struggling to get your basic physical, safety and love/belonging needs met? Think back to the past few weeks or past months and ask yourself how often you’ve experienced

  • Being Angry, irritable, or aggressive
  • Loss of interest in work, friends, family, or  once-pleasurable activities
  • Feeling intense sadness, hopelessness, discouragement,
  • Pronounced difficulty with sleep – too much or not enough
  • A need for increased alcohol or drugs
  • Withdrawing from family and friends or becoming isolated
  • Persistent thoughts of suicide or suicide attempts

When your thoughts and feelings are negative, you affect your relationships, and your work while leaving you feeling even more alone and hopeless.

“I recognized that I am always worried that I’m not doing the right thing even when I am.” – Mary T.

If you can have struggled for the past few months with these symptoms, get on a new track and learn how you can change your thoughts and create a new perspective!

You will learn you are not alone and quickly benefit from the educational and emotional support of our staff and other group members as you begin to overcome the physiological, social and relational effects of depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other co-occurring disorders.

You will learn about:

  • types of psychiatric and addictive illnesses
  • cognitive distortions
  • mindfulness
  • automatic thoughts
  • relapse and crisis prevention
  • co-occurring disorders
  • self-compassion
  • schema therapy-unmet needs
  • … and more

“Thoughts are not ‘fixed’. They are not ‘how you are’. You will learn to create a different perspective through the words you say to yourself. And you will learn to be compassionate with yourself on your life’s journey.” – Lasting Recovery Staff

What Clients Say About Our CBT Therapy Group


I …….

  • learned about depression and alcohol triggers
  • am learning to be Mindful
  • am working on Radical Acceptance
  • learned more of how to manage emotions or cope
  • learned about schemas and maladaptive behavior
  • learned how to create positive affirmation & changes over from negative to positive and cognitive distortions.


I …….

  • learned I isolate because I feel bad about myself – ‘I am a good person”
  • learned how to identify cognitive distortions
  • am understanding Schemas and I will stay positive with no negative self-talk
  • feel positive emotional states like I’m moving in the right direction
  • am working to focus on positive thoughts and solutions to problems.


  • I recognized that I am always worried that I’m not doing the right thing even when I am
  • I learned about Projection: I learned that I am judging people because I’m judging myself.


  • Today I have a better understanding of when I’m in distorted thinking.
  • When I do affirmations, I can get out of my distorted thinking and feel better.
  • Today’s lesson helped me to look closer at what I need to accept in my life rather than avoid.
  • Today’s lesson made me realize that the only thing ‘in my way’ is myself.
  • Today I learned about self respect and I learned how to negotiate without losing my self worth.

What Other Alumni Are Saying:

Today I learned tools to mediate my own frustration with the actions of others.”

Gaining some level of understanding and perspective is very comforting

Reviewing some of my internalized anxiety about my defective ways of thinking

I was feeling a little scattered and slightly overwhelmed emotionally but am feeling more centered & focused inward.

I am feeling more equipped to handle this negative cycle in my head.

I am feeling a bit more in control of my stress

I feel so much better

I’m feeling a little less overwhelmed by my own stress

Improved my outlook

I am feeling more certain of my need to treat both my addiction and my depression in order to find success in recovery…and life.”

“I learned about Projection today as a cognitive distortion, and that when I am judging people, it is because I’m judging myself.” – Sara R.

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