Five Signs of Quality Treatment

Lasting recovery is the top-rated outpatient addiction recovery center in San Diego and demonstrates the 5 signs of quality treatment for you or someone you know who is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction.  The following questions about quality treatment are from SAMSHA – Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

You can use these questions to help decide about the quality of a treatment provider and the types of services offered. Quality programs should offer a full range of services accepted as effective in treatment and recovery from substance use disorders and should be matched to a person’s needs.

1.Accreditation: Has the program been licensed or certified by the state? Is the program currently in good standing in the state? Are the staff qualified? Good quality programs will have a good inspection record and both the program and the staff should have received training in the treatment of substance use and mental disorders and be licensed or registered in the state. Does the program conduct satisfaction surveys? Can they show you how people using their services have rated them?

2.Medication: Does the program offer FDA-approved medication for recovery from alcohol and opioid use disorders? At this point in time, there are no FDA-approved medications to help to prevent relapse from other problem substances.

Five Signs of Quality Treatment3.Evidence‐Based Practices: Does the program offer treatments that have been proven to be effective in treating substance use disorders including medication management therapies, such as motivational therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, drug and alcohol counseling, education about the risks of drug and alcohol use, and peer support? Does the program either provide or help to obtain medical care for physical health issues?

4.Families: Does the program include family members in the treatment process? Family members have an important role in understanding the impact of addiction on families and providing support.

5.Supports: Does the program provide ongoing treatment and supports beyond just treating the substance issues? For many people, addiction is a chronic condition and requires ongoing medication and supports. Quality programs provide treatment for the long term which may include ongoing counseling or recovery coaching and support and helps in meeting other basic needs like sober housing, employment supports, and continued family involvement.

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