Frequently Asked Questions

Lasting Recovery”I need help! I can’t stop drinking alcohol and/or using drugs. Will an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program help me?”

Outpatient treatment programs work best for men and women who have some structure in their lives. They may be married, in a committed relationship, or have supportive family members, and are working or going to school. We see many people succeed who are willing to do the footwork necessary for recovery. We require you to stop your alcohol or drug use for 3-5 days prior to the start of treatment.  If you are unable to stop your use on your own, we will help coordinate a referral for your detoxification prior to admission.

Inpatient or residential treatment is recommended when the alcohol and/or drug addiction has disrupted a person’s ability to function. Other reasons for inpatient treatment include severe conflicts in the immediate family that actively sabotage treatment, or inability to cope without supervision.

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What Outpatient programs do you offer?”


EVENING Men and Women – Adult

MORNING Men and Women – Adult (9-15 hours per week)

FULL DAY (Partial Hospitalization Program) Men and Women – Adult (30 hours a week)

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What makes your alcohol and drug program different?

  • CARF Accredited,  TRICARE/KEPRO Certified facility
  • We treat the whole person – mind, body and spirit
  • We offer The Fearless Change Process as part of our curriculum
  • We provide personalized attention in a comfortable small group setting
  • Our staff is licensed and committed
  • Our facility location is discrete, easily accessible office location with free parking

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How do you treat the whole person?

In addition to 12 step principles and the latest research on addiction, relapse prevention, recovery and the Fearless Change model, we provide treatment that helps you as a whole person. Our licensed Acupuncturist and Certified Yoga Instructor helps clients reconnect to their bodies through acupuncture, detoxification, and meditation and yoga. We also offer psychological and vocational assessments, individual and family counseling sessions.

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What is The Fearless Change Process?

Fearless Change, developed by Lasting Recovery’s founder, Judy Saalinger, is an innovative decision-making program to empower you to be more responsible for your decisions and action, because you have a better understanding of yourself and your choices. This process is based on the book, FEARLESS CHANGE, Embrace the Choice to Reinvent Your Life. Through the curriculum, and use of the charts,  individuals learn how to change the emotional, cognitive, and communication styles that help or hinder their recovery process. They learn  how to identify the effects addiction has had on their ability to meet most basic needs, and how to communicate and improve their most intimate relationships. Clients learn how to identify and work through depression, anger, trauma, relapse, relationship and communication challenges.

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What do you mean by personalized attention?

From your first call, our caring team will be there for you and your family. Our staff will answer any questions you might have about our programs and the admission process. Our treatment team provides ongoing care and support for you and your family throughout the time of treatment and aftercare.

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Do you have help for families and close friends?”

Our Family Education Group meets Tuesday evenings 6:00PM – 7:30PM. Clients in our outpatient programs and their immediate family or partner participate. Topics include Enabling, Relationships in Early Recovery, What to Expect in the Next 6 Months and the upward climb of recovery.

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How soon can I start the Program?

You can begin Day 1 Admission to the program after an intake assessment has been completed and you have 3-5 days of detoxification. To set an appointment for your confidential assessment, call today. Take the risk of calling and begin to feel better now.

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Do you accept credit cards if my insurance doesn’t pay?

We accept Visa, MC, Discover or American Express.

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Can I use my insurance for your program?

Let us check your insurance plan for full or partial payment according to your policy. Eligibility is not a guarantee of payment by your insurance company and responsibility for payment is ultimately on the client or their financial guarantor.

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Do you offer Transitional Living or Sober Living?

No. The Lasting Recovery network includes a close working relationships with owners and managers of area sober living homes located in North Coastal and Inland areas of San Diego County. In conjunction with our program provided at Lasting Recovery, women and men are supported with a safe, sober and clean structured living environment.

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What is included in your Programs?

  • Psychoeducational group sessions with interactive discussions and media presentations.
  • Facilitation by licensed and certified staff
  • Tools and techniques to rejuvenate and strengthen the body/mind connection.
  • Drug testing, psychological testing, educational materials and snacks.
  • A safe, confidential and secure environment.
  • Development of your personalized recovery plan, recovery tools and relapse prevention skills.
  • Family program to help you and your family learn about addiction through interactive discussions and media presentations.
  • Aftercare designed to help you bring recovery into your daily life. Aftercare groups are provided for one year and meet weekly.

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How is attendance tracked and how much wiggle room is there in terms of absence?

Attendance is tracked by sign in, active group participation, and a completed Client Self Report Progress Note is turned in at the end of the daily session. IOP meets for a minimum of 3 (three hour) sessions per week, Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) Full Day Programs (6 hour)  meets 5 sessions per week.

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What kinds of continuum of care modalities can clients benefit from during the week? Are these encouraged?

We have several options, including a 90 minute Family Education Group, for the client and their loved ones, individual or family therapy, medical, nursing and psychiatric services. MAT or medically assisted treatment is available for clients to receive non narcotic alternatives for cravings, depression, anxiety, and sleep disturbance which when untreated can lead to a relapse. Naltrexone, gabapentin, Suboxone, Antabuse, or anti-depressant medications may be recommended by our medical team. Research shows that MAT saves lives, marriages, employment, relationships and health.

All clients are encouraged to see the medical or clinical staff during the first days of treatment and attend Family Education Group with their loved ones if they are available. The goal is to learn how the entire family has been caught up in the neurological rewiring of the brain and addictive cycle and what they can do to help themselves and their families.