The Six Major Health Benefits of Giving Up Alcohol

The  Six Major Health Benefits of Giving Up Alcohol

Every year, more than 88,000 Americans die because of alcohol.  The World Health Organization has identified over 200 chronic health conditions that are directly attributable to drinking. As the new year continues, let’s take a quick look at some of the top health benefits of giving up alcohol.

Reduced Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

In a small study of moderate-to-heavy drinkers, researchers found that among participants who gave up alcohol for just one month, insulin resistance decreased by 26%.

Liver Health Improves

Among patients with severe liver disease, complete abstinence from alcohol significantly improves the chances of long-term survival.

Lower Blood Pressure

Regular drinkers have an average blood pressure that is 7 mmHg higher than people who don’t drink, raising the risk of heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure.

Improved Cholesterol Levels

Binge drinking  raises LDL levels by 20%.  Significantly, 15% of Americans binge drink twice a week.

Decreased Risk for Cancer

 1 out of every 30 cancer deaths are caused by drinking. In fact, among women, just one daily drink can raise the risk of breast cancer by 9%, and each additional drink adds another 7%.

Giving up alcohol dramatically drops the levels of two different factors that promote the growth of cancerous tumors, by 74% and 41%, respectively.

Better Heart Health

Among senior citizens, moderate-to-heavy drinking can lead to reduced heart function. Even senior women who just take one drink per day are at increased risk.

What Does This Mean for San Diego Residents?

According to the California Department of Public Health, many of the health problems caused or worsened by alcohol abuse are among the leading causes of death in San Diego County:

  • Cancer—#1
  • Heart Disease—#2
  • Diabetes—#7
  • Liver Disease—#9
  • Hypertension—#10

This is significant, because in 2017, San Diego was named the “booziest city in America”. Residents here spend more money per household on alcohol than any other city in America.

There is no doubt that drinking can seriously and negatively impacts your physical health.  With that in mind, the best way to protect yourself is to stop drinking. But if you are finding it difficult—or even impossible—to quit on your own, maybe you need professional help.

And if you live in Southern California, your most-trusted resource is Lasting Recovery, a premier outpatient alcohol rehab program in San Diego.  With an evidence-based approach to treatment, Lasting Recovery helps you regain your sobriety also you can once again the physically and mentally healthy.

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