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How an IOP Benefits Women in Recovery

How an IOP Benefits Women in Recovery

Intensive Outpatient Benefits Women

If you have finally made the courageous decision to seek help for your alcohol or drug problem, understand that you have made the best possible choice for yourself, your future, and your family.

But if you are like most women wanting to recover from alcoholism, illicit drug addiction, or a dependence on prescription medications, you may wonder what is the next step you should take.

What do you do when checking into a residential facility isn’t feasible but you need more help than is offered by standard outpatient addiction counseling?

For a growing number of women with a Substance Use Disorder, the best recovery option is an Intensive Outpatient Program, or IOP.

What is an IOP?

Just as the name implies, an IOP is a highly-structured, in-depth rehab program that provides addiction recovery services on an outpatient basis.

Compared to mere outpatient counseling, an IOP offers a far more comprehensive and individualized treatment plan that maximizes your chances of a safe and successful return to sobriety.

You receive the same evidence-based treatment that you would expect at a more expensive and time-consuming residential rehab facility. Best of all, the newest research has determined that and IOP can be just as effective as an inpatient program.

Let’s look at some of the benefits that make an IOP the right choice for working women and mothers.

Benefit #1: Greater Flexibility

As a general rule, women face more barriers to treatment than men. This is one of the reasons that the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism says that women are less likely to seek professional help for an addictive disorder.

Of special relevance, even when they do, they try to receive that treatment through their primary health care provider, rather than through a specialized addiction recovery program.

What are some of these barriers?

Women, especially working mothers, struggle with meeting the demands of their family life, their career, and often, their education.

Working under the mistaken assumption that their only rehab option is an inpatient program, too many women forgo professional treatment because they simply cannot take off an entire month from their other commitments — their children and family, their job, or their schooling.

But that is one of the primary advantages of an IOP — while living at home and sleeping in your own bed, you CAN get specialized, individualized, evidence-based addiction treatment on your own schedule.

IOPs are conveniently offered in morning and evening sessions, which allows you to choose the recovery path that best fits your life.

Benefit #2: Easier Affordability

An IOP costs significantly less than a residential program. In fact, for some women, inpatient treatment can be so expensive as to be completely unaffordable.

Part of the reason for this expense is the need to pay for room and board, in addition to the cost of treatment. In fact, upscale or luxury rehabs provide even more amenities, which can bump up the cost even more, to the tune of thousands of dollars per day.

But those expenses aren’t part of the cost of an IOP, making it a far more affordable treatment option. In other words, an IOP is a fraction of the cost of inpatient rehab.

Even better, an IOP is more likely to be covered by insurance, which means your out-of-pocket cost is greatly reduced.

Benefit #3: You Can Test What You Learn

An inpatient facility is a protective and controlled environment. While you are there, you are taught the skills you will need to successfully manage your disease of addiction. Unfortunately, however, you will not get a practical opportunity to practice those skills until you have already graduated from the program. If there are problems when you get home, you are largely on your own.

But an IOP lets you put your skills to use every single day. Everything you learn can be applied to the real world situations of your daily life. So if you have any difficulties, you can discuss them with your recovery team. They can then give you immediate feedback, advice, or even adjust your treatment plan.

Benefit #4: You Stay Connected to Your Family

Addiction is a lonely and isolating disease that seriously affects your relationship with your loved ones. And as you recover, you will have to repair and rebuild damaged relationships with your family and friends.

This is important, because a strong personal support system is absolutely critical if you are to successfully regain your sobriety and reduce the chances of a dangerous relapse.

Because you live at home, you can demonstrate your day-to-day progress to those people closest to you, and that will go a long way towards restoring the trust that was lost during active addiction..

The Bottom Line about IOPs for Women in Recovery

As you can see, an IOP is an excellent recovery option for working women, mothers, and any woman whose busy life makes checking into a residential facility difficult or even impossible. And there are IOP programs in the morning from 10-1pm so you can get help while your children are in school.

In the San Diego area, your best, most trusted resource for intensive outpatient addiction treatment is Lasting Recovery. As the oldest and most-respected outpatient drug rehab in San Diego, Lasting Recovery can teach you the skills you need to safely and successfully regain and maintain your sobriety.

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