The Best Ways Telemedicine Makes Addiction Recovery Easier

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, getting help for a Substance Use Disorder has gotten a lot harder. The best rehab programs in California have responded by offering clients a new way to recover – telemedicine addiction recovery.

What is Telemedicine Recovery?

Telemedicine is the use of the Internet to facilitate real-time interaction between patients and their personal physicians, mental health professionals, addiction recovery specialists, and other service providers when in-person appointments are not possible or practical.

Virtually all of the same services are still available; individual counseling, group therapy, doctor’s appointments, and even the prescribing of anti-addiction and mood-stabilizing medications.

Sessions are conducted via a private and secure connection that adheres to strict HIPAA patient confidentiality standards. This link is far more protected than consumer-grade applications such as Facetime or Skype.

How Virtual Rehab Benefits Recovery

Let’s look at some of the chief advantages of telehealth addiction recovery services and how it makes the recovery journey easier.

1. Ease of Access

Telemedicine is available anywhere there is an Internet connection. This means you can still visit with your doctor or counselor and attend therapy sessions even if you are traveling or out of the area.

2. Convenience

Telemedicine sessions can be done for the comfort and privacy of your own room, home, office, or even vehicle. There is no need to arrange for child care, fight traffic, or go out in bad weather. Programs are flexible, so you don’t have to take off from work or school or miss special occasions with your family.

3. Privacy

In addition to the secure link, your privacy is protected because no one will see you driving to and from appointments, no one will recognize you in group therapy, and no one at your job or among your family and friends even needs to know unless you choose to tell them.

4. Expense

There are many costs associated with addiction rehab that are not covered by insurance. But thanks to telemedicine, you don’t have to pay for gas, tolls, parking, or child care. This is also a major benefit to individuals who do not own a car or who have had their driving privileges suspended.

5. Inclusion of Family Members

In addition to treatment services for individuals, the best rehab programs also offer valuable educational sessions to family members. Telemedicine allows the participation of family members who would not ordinarily be able to attend an in-person session because of their own location or commitments. This helps promote understanding, reduces enabling and codependent behaviors, and builds the personal support system vital to successful recovery.

6. Level of Care

Telehealth recovery utilizes the same exact evidence-based treatment strategies that were used pre-coronavirus, and virtually all of the same services are available, including:

  • Individual behavioral counseling
  • Peer group therapy
  • Trauma processing
  • Mental health services
  • Relapse prevention and response
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment, in cooperation with outside physicians
  • Sober Pain Management

Is Virtual Outpatient Rehab Right for You?

Here’s the good news – in almost every way, telemedicine is the “next best thing to being there”, because it offers nearly all of the same benefits as face-to-face treatment, while at the same time eliminating some of the obstacles that make it harder for you to get the help you need.

Participating in an online virtual outpatient rehab program may feel like an adjustment, but think of it this way – it is just another option available to you that can help you best manage your illness. Best of all, it helps you safely and successfully regain your sobriety NOW, when you need it the most.

How to Get Started with Virtual Addiction Treatment

Lasting Recovery, the oldest and most trusted outpatient alcohol and drug rehab program in San Diego, proudly offers telemedicine treatment services to individuals and families impacted by substance abuse and mental health issues.

At Lasting Recovery, we believe everyone should be able to have access to potentially life-saving treatment for addiction and substance use disorders. That’s why we’ve been leaders in offering virtual outpatient treatment to clients who can’t access our San Diego treatment program in person.

If you could benefit from world-class addiction treatment but can’t reach our in-person program, reach out to our admissions team today to discuss your virtual treatment options. You may be surprised by how seamless and easy virtual treatment really is. Get started by calling us today at 858-453-4315.

For more information, contact Lasting Recovery Today.

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