At Lasting Recovery, we want to provide resources and education to our community. Whether you’re concerned about your own drug and alcohol use or worried about a loved one, we’ve put together a series of videos to help you better understand addiction, substance use, and the recovery process.

Here you’ll find videos from our medical director, therapy team, and doctors discussing alcohol abuse, drug addiction, and help for family members of those struggling with substance use.


Lasting Recovery’s Judy Saalinger discusses the inner workings of alcoholism in a fascinating video series that provides a helpful introduction to anyone struggling with addiction.

Alcoholism Videos & Resources

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Join Lasting Recovery’s Judy Saalinger and medical director, Dr. Kai McDonald, in an in-depth look at commonly used addictive drugs, including marijuana, opioids, and prescription drugs.

Drug & Alcohol Abuse VIdeos

Help For The Family

Family members often bear the brunt of an addicted loved one’s struggles and challenges. To help, members of our team explore the inner workings of addiction and its impact on families and friends in a series of informative videos.

Help For Family Videos

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