Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety or social phobias is the fear of social situations. Social phobia is a severe disabling form of shyness and can cause people to be unable to attend important functions, not speak up in class, at work or in relationships.  These situations often include meeting new people, public speaking, being at parties, eating with other people, fear of people in authority positions and fearful of disagreeing with others.

People feel extremely self conscious and often fear that others will think badly of them. When they cannot avoid these situations, they feel very anxious or embarrassed and experience panic attacks.

Alcohol and drug addiction and social phobia are often co-occurring due to the positive effect of alcohol which suppresses the fears, allowing for less anxiety in social situations. For those prone to chemical dependency, addiction to alcohol can occur, creating additional challenges for the person who has become isolated as a result of the chemical use combined with the social anxiety. Substance abuse treatment offers a safe place to address both disorders and begin healing.

Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP’s) provide two options:

CBT Intensive Outpatient Program       DBT Intensive Outpatient Program

People experiencing co-occurring health problems such as chronic pain from fibromyalgia, diabetes, lower back pain and cirrhosis suffer from depression as a side effect of their ongoing medical condition.

Treatment for addiction and these co-occurring disorders leads to improved physical health, increased enjoyment and an overall healthier lifestyle.

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