Meth Deaths in San Diego: Every 23 Hours

Meth Deaths in San Diego: Every 23 Hours

Meth Taking Toll in San Diego“Meth is taking a terrible toll on more and more San Diego families, and we must step up our efforts to fight this killer and connect more people with treatment programs.”

~ Dianne Jacob, Chairwoman, San Diego County Board of Supervisors

California may have the 23rd-highest rate of drug use in the United States, but San Diego faces a unique set of challenges. Because of its proximity to the Mexican border, San Diego is particularly vulnerable to illicit drug shipments smuggled in by the Sinaloa Cartel.

Statistics about Methamphetamines in San Diego

Of particular concern is the resurgent prevalence of methamphetamines.

  • 2016: 8706 kg of meth were seized along the southern border.
  • 2015: 8103 kg
  • 2011: “Only” 3585 kg
  • That is a 243% increase in five years.
  • Emergency room visits are up sharply – an average of 36 visits per day, compared to last year’s 28 visits per day.
  • 56% of adult arrestees and 14% of juvenile arrestees tested positive for methamphetamines.
  • For comparison purposes, five years ago, those rates were 36% and 4%, respectively.
  • In 2016, there were 377 drug deaths involving methamphetamines in San Diego.
  • That is a 21% increase over 2015.
  • Of special relevance, the number of deaths is 78% higher than the previous five years.

20 Reasons People Give for Seeking Substance Abuse Treatment

The main reasons that meth abuse in San Diego is increasing is because the supply is at near-record levels and prices are dropping significantly.

  • In 2015, an ounce of meth cost between $360 and $600.
  • In 2016, the price was between $250 and $450.

What Can Be Done?

For people who are addicted to alcohol or opioids, there are medication-assisted options that can help them resist cravings and overcome painful withdrawal symptoms.

But for meth addicts, there is no approved medication that can help with methamphetamine addiction. This means counseling and long-term support is even more important if the person is to safely return to a sober lifestyle.

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