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Morning Drug & Alcohol Rehab Intensive Outpatient Program

The morning Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) schedule is intended for individuals that require a more structured process to stabilize their health during recovery. A morning program can help establish balanced sleep and eating schedules that enables you to develop a healthy sober living routine.

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Morning Drug & Alcohol Rehab Intensive Outpatient Program

Lasting Recovery is here for you.

Through our safe and accepting environment clients let go of the shame and guilt associated with misusing substances, having a relapse, or being unable to maintain sobriety.


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The Morning IOP schedule is designed to meet the needs of those men and women who:

  • Have days free when their children are in school
  • Work the night shift
  • Students with varying schedules
  • Individuals on disability
  • Are already in sober living and wish to continue in a recovery program
  • Are in need of medical and/or psychiatric care

Benefits of the IOP program include:

  • Evidence-based education on drug & alcohol dependence
  • Approaching your addiction with new ideologies
  • Reinventing a sober lifestyle
  • Developing relapse prevention skills


The Morning IOP has the benefit of a full clinical and administrative staff including a Registered Nurse who can help with monitoring non-addictive medication (including medically assisted treatments MAT). Additionally, all programs do random UA’s. Appointments are scheduled as needed with our Medical Director, Kai MacDonald, MD. Individual therapy sessions as needed with clinical staff can be appointed during the 3 hour time.


Included in the morning program is a 90 minute educational session, covering topics
  • Addiction: disease or choice?
  • Common problems and issues in recovery including progression, stress management, triggers and cravings, relationships, cross addiction, anxiety/depression, 12 steps and Non-12 step approaches for recovery, and many more topics.
Family Education Group is available to all clients and their families. Held every Tuesday evening, 6-7:30pm, attendance is highly encouraged to improve on your relationships during the recovery process. Specific educational materials and topics are designed to meet the goals of your individualized treatment plan.

The Family Group discusses topics like:

  • What is addiction and why does my loved one do it?
  • Helping vs. Enabling
  • Effective communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Setting appropriate boundaries
  • Utilizing healthy coping skills