April 27th is National Drug Take-Back Day in San Diego

April 27th is National Drug Take-Back Day in San Diego

“There’s no reason why somebody should die from medications sitting in a medicine cabinet that someone’s not using.”

~ Scott Silverman, Safe Home Coalition

Recovery or RelapseThis Saturday, April 27th, is National Drug Take-Back Day, and it could not come at a better time for the residents of San Diego County. Drug deaths continue to rise across the country, and Southern California is no exception. In 2017, San Diego County suffered an 8% increase in the number of fatal overdoses involving prescription medications. The 273 deaths are an all-time high.

Danger from a Surprising Source

Contrary to the stereotypical belief of back-alley purchases and seedy-looking drug dealers, the reality is the vast majority of people who misuse prescription medications receive them from their either doctor or from a family member or friend.

This means that one of the most-dangerous places in your home may be your medicine cabinet.

What is National Drug Take-Back Day?

Since September 2010, the Drug Enforcement Administration has coordinated two Take-Back Days a year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. This is an opportunity for people to clean out their medicine cabinets and bring them to designated locations for safe disposal no questions asked.

During the most recent TBD, held in October 2018, 5,839 collection sites were set up around the country and 914,236 pounds of excess medications were collected. Since the program started, 10,878,950 pounds have been turned in—over 5400 tons!

The 318 drug take-back sites in California took in 69,077 pounds in October. Since 2010, nearly 1 million pounds have been collected.

What Does This Mean to San Diego Residents?

This removes dangerous potential drugs of abuse from homes and the street, keeping you, your family, and the community safer. For example, 49% of adult arrestees in San Diego County—and 40% of arrested teens—self-report medication abuse.

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