Our Approach

At Lasting Recovery, we believe that effective treatment for alcoholism, drug addiction, co-occurring disorders, and mental health, must be strength-based, and multidisciplinary.

Lasting Recovery integrates a combination of 12 step principles, client and centered evidence based treatment including education, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), and holistic alternatives to meet the unique needs and strengths of each client.

Our unique treatment team includes physicians, licensed psychologists, psychotherapists and alcohol and drug counselors who understand the chronic and progressive nature of addictions and mental health conditions. Our clinicians work with clients and their families to rebuild trust, communication and improved health essential for sustained well being.

During treatment, we focus on the biological, interpersonal, holistic and spiritual aspects of alcohol and drug addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma and mood disorders, providing clients with tools for living an improved quality of life, one day at a time.

Our clients see successful outcomes from treatment as they learn how to stay clean and sober using newly learned strength-based coping skills, reduce stress and establish a supportive recovery network. Our individualized Outpatient TreatmentFamily, and Aftercare Programs are designed to support clients through the critical first year of recovery.

At Lasting Recovery, we also offer an entire series of regularly-updated articlesvideos, and useful links on our website that can provide invaluable information to both the client and their family members. We invite you to take some time to explore.

What Is “Evidence-Based” Addiction Treatment?