Overdoses Kill More Americans than War

Overdoses Kill More Americans than War

Overdoses Kill More Americans than War

On the last Monday in May, Americans observed Memorial Day, the time to remember servicemembers who lost their lives protecting this country and our way of life.

Right now, there is a different battle being waged in this country, and tens of millions of lives are at stake.  The drug epidemic has been called the worst public health crisis in US history, and that is not at all an exaggeration.

Every year sets a heartbreaking new record for the number of overdose deaths. But to really give perspective to this national tragedy, take a look at these statistics:


19 consecutive years of increases. In fact, during one generation, drug overdose deaths jumped by 421%.

Compare those numbers to these American combat deaths:

World War I: 116,708
Russian Civil War: 424
World War II: 407,300
Korean War: 36,574
Bay of Pigs Invasion: 4
Vietnam War: 58,318
Korean DMZ Conflict: 43
Dominican Civil War: 44
Invasion of Grenada: 19
1986 Bombing of Libya: 2
Invasion of Panama: 23
Gulf War: 292
Iraqi No-Fly Zones: 45
First Intervention in Somali Civil War: 43
Intervention in Haiti: 1
Kosovo War: 2
War in Afghanistan: 2419
Iraq War: 4496
War in North-West Pakistan: 15
Interventions in Iraq, Syria, and Libya: 78

Total 626,852

That means that in less than 20 years, drugs have killed more Americans than over a hundred years’ worth of armed conflicts. And if you include the average number of people who died from alcohol-related causes – currently 88,000 annually– then you can also add the Revolution and the Civil War.

What Does This Mean to YOU?

Addiction touches us all – every city, every neighborhood, and very family. The person with the drug or drinking problem might be your friend, co-worker, spouse, parent, child, or sibling. It may even be YOU.

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