San Diego Drug Warning: Counterfeit Pain Pills Claim Four Lives

San Diego Drug Warning: Counterfeit Pain Pills Claim Four Lives

San Diego Drug Warning: Counterfeit Pain Pills Claim Four Lives

“These painkillers are known to contain fentanyl. Fentanyl is frequently involved in overdose deaths because a speck the size of a grain of salt or just one touch can kill you…Any pill purchased without a prescription should be considered unsafe for consumption.”

~San Diego County Sheriff’s Department Press Release

On July 25th, the San Diego Sheriff’s Department issued a public warning in response to a recent rash of local overdose deaths. In a 24-hour period, four deaths occurred in Valley Center, Santee, Poway, and Lakeside.

Each of these deaths have been attributed to M-30, a very common illicit pill sold as counterfeit oxycodone. Also known as “blues”, these pills in actuality contain fentanyl, an extremely-potent synthetic opioid that is many times stronger. When an unsuspecting drug users takes the M-30s to get a “painkiller high”, they instead suffer a potentially-fatal overdose.

Because these deaths happened in four separate San Diego County communities, detectives believe that they all came from the same supply source, thus endangering anyone in the area who uses illegal opioids.

Right now, investigators are looking into the possibility of other recent emergency calls that might also resulted from M-30 use. The Sheriff’s Department is urging extreme caution and suggests that anyone in possession of ANY unused, unwanted, expired, or even counterfeit prescription medications bring them to any Sheriff’s Prescription Drug Drop Box location in the county.

Protecting Yourself and Your Loved Ones

The best way to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from the dangers of counterfeit prescription pills is to not take any medication that was not prescribed to you by a doctor or dispensed by a pharmacist.

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