San Diego is the Booziest City in America

San Diego is the Booziest City in AmericaAccording to a brand-new study just assembled, researchers have discovered that San Diego residents spend more money on alcohol than people who live in any other major city.

Using data taken from the Consumer Expenditure Survey, put out by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the study found that in 2017, San Diegans spent an average of $1112 per household on alcohol. To put that in perspective, that is a 30% increase over 2016’s average of $850.

This is not exactly a new development, however, because in 2016, San Diego ranked second on the list. It does put the city ahead of San Francisco, which ranked third, and Los Angeles, which came in at #14.

Here’s the complete “Top 10 Booziest Cities in America”:

  1. San Diego: $1112
  2. Seattle: $986
  3. San Francisco: $875
  4. Boston: $823
  5. Anchorage: $788
  6. Denver: $771
  7. Minneapolis-St. Paul: $754
  8. Baltimore: $724
  9. Louis: $684
  10. Washington, D.C.: $662

What Does this Mean to YOU?

This information is important for a couple of reasons:

FIRST, if you are spending significantly more than that on alcohol, then perhaps it is time to take a closer look at your drinking habits and possibly reevaluate your relationship with booze.

SECOND, if you are battling alcoholism, know where the threat is. For example, in addition to all the “traditional” sources such as bars and liquor stores, there are also 178  craft beer brewing locations in San Diego County. That’s more than any other county in the United States.

THIRD, if you think you are drinking too much or spending too much on alcohol and you are finding it too difficult to cut back or quit, perhaps you need professional help.

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