Seniors are the Fastest-Growing Group of Marijuana Users

Seniors are the Fastest-Growing Group of Marijuana Users

“Older Americans are using cannabis for a lot of different reasons. Some use it to manage pain, while others use it for depression or anxiety.”

~ Dr. Hillary Lum, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Colorado

According to new research, more and more senior citizens are turning to marijuana to deal with various ailments associated with aging – chronic pain, depression, and anxiety, for example. In fact, people over the age of 65 are the fastest-growing population of users.

But this creates reasons for concern.

FIRST, the study revealed that many older people reveal that they find it

Seniors are the Fastest-Growing Group of Marijuana Users

difficult to obtain a medical marijuana card, for a variety of reasons, such as reluctance to admit use and poor communication with their doctors.

SECOND, this suggests that they are treating their symptoms on their own, rather than under medical supervision. Self-medicating ANY condition with an addictive substance is ALWAYS a bad idea.

THIRD, this may be less of an example of people taking a needed medication than it is of an at-risk group abusing what’s available. For example, it’s not a coincidence that substance abuse among seniors has increased across the board. Alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, and painkiller use and abuse are all up.

FOURTH, the study focused on senior citizens, but it really reflects a growing trend where the “typical” person with a drinking or drug problem is older than you might guess. For example, the demographic that includes older Americans who aren’t yet senior citizens – age 60 through 64 – is experiencing the largest increase of past-month drug use of ANY group, jumping by 38% between 2016 and 2017.

Currently in this country, there are over 10 million drug abusers who are past the age of 40.

What Does This Mean to San Diego Residents?

Over 36% of people in San Diego County are age 45 or older. This means that you almost definitely know someone struggling with substance abuse. It could be your parent or grandparent, your spouse or sibling, or it could even be YOU. No one – at any age –  is safe from the disease of addiction.

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