The Surprising Shape of Substance Abuse Treatment in California

As it is elsewhere in the United States, substance abuse is a major concern in California. The disease of addiction can manifest in many ways – the abuse of illicit drugs, alcoholism, or the misuse of prescription medications such as opioid painkillers or tranquilizing benzodiazepines.

But what may surprise you is, which types of substances are most-commonly abused. According to the most recent Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS) report, which is put out by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, there were 149,779 substance abuse treatment admissions in California in 2015.

Here is the breakdown of each presenting primary drug of choice, by the number of admissions:

  • Amphetamines and Other Stimulants: (44,978) This includes both prescription stimulants (Adderall Ritalin) and illicit methamphetamines.
  • Heroin: (36,656)
  • Marijuana: (21,935) This high number of admissions contradicts the misconception that marijuana is nonaddictive, and does not cause problems for users.
  • Alcohol: (17,037)
  • Alcohol with a Secondary Drug: (14,649) 98% of all fatal overdoses involve poly-substance abuse.
  • Opiates: (8,005)
  • Cocaine, all forms: (4,941)
  • Tranquilizers/Sedatives: (651) This includes benzodiazepine medications such as Xanax, Klonopin, etc.
  • PCP: (300)
  • Hallucinogens: (87)
  • Inhalants: (47)

There were also 493 treatment admissions for “unknown” substances.

What Do These Numbers Tell Us?

We can infer several things from the TEDS report:

  1. Heroin is a MUCH bigger concern than most people think.
  2. Marijuana Use Disorder is REAL.
  3. There are literally HUNDREDS of substances that can be abused.

But the biggest takeaway is this –

Substance abuse is a SIGNIFICANT problem in California.

How big is the problem?

According to most experts, only about 11% of people with a Substance Abuse Disorder are receiving the treatment they need.

Doing the math, that means that there are over 1.2 MILLION Californians who need – but are not receiving – substance abuse treatment RIGHT NOW.

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