Virtual vs In-Person Rehab

Telehealth treatment at Lasting Recovery allows individuals to receive group therapy for mental health and substance use disorders from the comfort of home. Whether they are unable to attend in person due to health concerns, schedules, or distance, participants can rely on virtual telehealth services at Lasting Recovery to connect them with high-quality care from leading practitioners.

We asked our groups to report their experience with Telehealth and if they prefer to meet in person or meet remotely. Here are their responses:

Evening Groups:

Steven J

In my opinion, Susie’s telehealth has been the best treatment I’ve received in battling my addiction. ( has a lot to do with you Susie, thank you)

Being able to attend all sessions with a rigorous work schedule. (I would’ve missed 6 to 8 by this point if it’s not for telehealth)

stress and anxiety is a huge issue for me and knowing that I have the ability to jump on the call wherever I’m at regardless of traffic and location has really been beneficial.

I am currently in a sober living house and my roommates don’t have the ability to drive.  I told them having telehealth will solve those problems, how much I have received from recovery sessions in terms of positive treatment.

Lasting Recovery has been a life-changing program for me up to this point… I would be 1 foot in and 1 foot out and not truly engaged if it wasn’t for telehealth… The ability to be there three times a week has made all the difference.

Thank you all again for your help in my journey…any further questions please feel free to call or send me an email.

Michael S

My experience has been top notch thus far. The information and things I learn during each session is slowly enriching my life and making me realize the importance of my sobriety.

I find the Zoom meetings extremely conducive to my life; in regards to wants and needs. I plan on returning back to work very soon and continue to attend treatment at night. Remaining on the Zoom calls will make this much easier for me to attend. I work in Downtown San Diego and I don’t find myself making it to the facility on time for treatment, due to location, traffic, etc.

I enjoy doing treatment from the comfort of my own home. I found myself opening up and sharing things about my life quicker than I imagined. And I truly believe it is because my surroundings are a bit more comfortable. Using the restroom in my own home during break. Going to my own kitchen for water during break. Small things like that made me a little less intimidated to attend our meetings each week.


I prefer online so that I don’t need to drive since I live 25 miles away Sharon D

Zoom is very convenient but I would prefer in-person from an interaction perspective. I have found with AA that I prefer in-person meetingsJerry C

It is convenient for people who can’t drive or is too far from their home. It works It would be possible to do both like some AA groupsRachel

I feel torn about zoom IOP groups. My gut response is that I prefer to be in person. I am able to be more present and or engaged in person. I appreciate zoom for the ability to be less formal, more room for distraction (good and bad ones), and mostly the convenience of not having to drive or find a ride to the program. Truthfully, it keeps me more isolated and less readable due to the informal piece zoom providesKaty O

The online zoom to me is impersonal so I prefer in person. Reason for being in person cause I did my drinking at home by myself!! Want out of the house.  But with saying that I also don’t mind doing zoom from my own home on my couch cause it can be less stressful and anxious for me. But as each class goes on I am able to manage those systems.  Everyone makes you feel comfortable. – Laura O

The online groups are more convenient versus face to face. I was skeptical about how effective and intimate the zoom group would be. Quickly I found them to be just as effective as face-to-face groups. They have worked extremely well for me!John C

Is Virtual Outpatient Rehab Right For You?

Making the decision to enroll in a virtual treatment program rather than an in-person program can be complex. That’s why we’re here to help. Our admissions team can help you better understand your treatment options, as well as discuss your recovery goals and needs.

Virtual treatment can provide flexibility and convenience—and is certainly a practical option for anyone who can’t travel to our in-person program. Find out more by calling us today at 858-453-4315.

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